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Open House, Transportation, VLMPO 2015-07-22

Pick any time Wednesday July 22nd to learn and comment on 300x224 ?, Tom Hochschild, Viviann Cody, Corey Hull, Tim Carroll, in 2040 Transportation Plan, VLMPO, by Tom Hochschild, for LowndesDems.org, 15 July 2015 transportation for Valdosta, Lowndes County, and the Valdosta Metro area. LCDP Chair Tom Hochschild went to the last one.

Public transportation was a major topic at three meetings this year of the Lowndes County Democratic Party, including one dedicated to it. LCDP adopted a Transportation Resolution 1 June 2015.

This chart from the previous VLMPO Open House lays out how roads and bridges are subsidies, and public transportation reduces Continue reading

Transportation took off at LCDP May Meeting 2015-05-04

Update 2015-07-03: LCDC Transportation Resolution, plus links to previous meetings.

After the potluck, the audience pitched in with very lively discussion (Why do we have bus stops but no buses? Every road is also a subsidy!) with the panelists at the May LCDP meeting:

  • John Gayle, (Mayor, Valdosta)
  • Demarcus Marshall (Lowndes County Commissioner District 4)
  • Jim Galloway, (Executive Director, Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority)
  • Corey Hull, (Transportation Planner, Valdosta-Lowndes MPO)

Valdosta City Council Tim Carroll and Lowndes County Commissioner Joyce Evans were also in the room.

Please also like the Facebook Page for “Public Transportation in Valdosta, Lowndes Georgia”: https://www.facebook.com/PublicTransportationForValdosta. As WCTV said in its coverage of this meeting: “Public transportation, or the lack-there-of, has been a hot-button issue in Valdosta for many years.” This is hardly the first time LCDP has discussed transportation. In addition to the previous two monthly meetings (“Supporting Local Business” and “City Matters”), see for example Corey Hull’s presentation of August 2014.

At the end of the May meeting Jim Parker announced he was running for Valdosta City Council At Large with transportation as one of his main issues.

Come hear all candidates for municipal elections at the LCDP BBQ 6PM July 7th at Mathis Auditorium. Local elected officials affect us all most directly, as Dr. Dennis Marks, LCDP Vice Chair for Elections, reminded us, And DuBose Porter, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia will be there, plus fine BBQ (both meat and vegetarian) and the traditional political quiz by Dr. LaPlant, and plus live music by a local band. You can reserve now! If you can’t come to the BBQ, you can still Continue reading

WCTV on Transportation Meeting @ LCDP 2015-05-04

WCTV covered tonight’s LCDP meeting without ever saying it was an LCDP meeting, but they did make clear it’s an issue of widespread concern.

Winnie Wright, WCTV, 4 May 2015, All Sides Weigh In At Public Transportation Meeting In Valdosta,

Valdosta, GA—Public transportation, or the lack-there-of, has been a hot-button issue in Valdosta for many years.

Back in 2009, the City Council voted against a public transportation proposal, however that, was during the height of the recession.

Now that things are back on track, residents say, they want a public bus system proposal back on the table.

“One of the problems with not having public transportation is Continue reading

Transportation Meeting Monday 2015-05-04

300x205 Bus, in Lowndes County Public Transportation?, by John S. Quarterman, for LowndesDems.org, 4 May 2015 During our past two monthly meetings (“Supporting Local Business” and “City Matters”), the conversation kept steering toward the need for improved transportation. In response, committee members have put together a meeting solely on the issue of “Transportation.” If you have any questions or concerns about transportation in Valdosta or Lowndes County, you do not want to miss this meeting.

Our meeting location is the Lowndes County Board of Elections office at 2808 North Oak Street from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. We would appreciate if you could bring a dish, but you do not need to bring food to join in.

Meeting Topic: “Transportation”, Facebook event.

Guest Speakers:

  • John Gayle, (Mayor, Valdosta)
  • Bill Slaughter, (Chairman, Lowndes County Commission)
  • Jim Galloway, (Executive Director, Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority)
  • Corey Hull, (Transportation Planner, Valdosta-Lowndes MPO)

Please also like our Facebook Page for “Public Transportation in Valdosta, Lowndes Georgia”: https://www.facebook.com/PublicTransportationForValdosta

Membership Dues and Donations

LCDP could use a new computer, and the monthly rent is always due for our headquarters on Slater Street in Valdosta. Please consider making a donation, or paying membership fees for yourself or someone else. Dues are $25 for an individual, $40 for a family, and $15 for students, military, and seniors. These dues are used solely to get Democrats elected to office, and are vital to the efforts of the LCDP. You may donate or pay your dues online at: http://www.lowndesdems.org/?s=membership

Thank you for all that you do.

Tom Hochschild, Chair
Lowndes County Democratic Party

Transportation plan –Corey Hull @ LCDP 2014-08-04

Corey Hull of VLMPO facilitated input to the 2040 Transportation Vision Plan at the August monthly meeting of the Lowndes County Democratic Party, as you can see in these videos. The transportation segment starts at 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Continue reading

Corey Hull about Transportation at LCDP monthly meeting 2014-08-04

Transportation Planner Corey Hull will be leading a discussion focused around transportation needs and desires in our community. This is an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard. Please do come.

When: 6PM Monday 4 August 2014

Where: Bas Bleu
121 N Patterson St
Valdosta, Georgia 31601

facebook: event

VLMPO: website, facebook.