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Valarie Wilson for Public Education for Georgia’s Success, running for GA School Superintendent @ LCDP 2014-04-07

Valarie Wilson says in these videos we need to fund education again so we can rehire the counselors and nutritionists and bus drivers and of course teachers we’ve lost this past decade, and that that’s the path to success for Georgia. She also said, “I recognize there’s no way you can win in this state if you act like there’s only Atlanta.” This was at the Lowndes County Democratic Party annual BBQ July 1st 2014. Continue reading

Videos: Jason Carter headlining BBQ @ LCDP 2014-04-07 2014-07-01

Here are videos of Jason Carter and the other Democratic candidates who came to the Annual Lowndes County Democratic Party Barbecue July 1st 2014.

Valarie Wilson has a runoff Tuesday for Georgia School Superintendent (the other candidate was invited but did not attend). In November, Democrats can vote for Bikram Mohanty for Georgia State Senate District 8, Dexter Sharper for Georgia House District 177 (unopposed incumbent), Daniel Blackman for Public Service Commission, Robbin Shipp for Labor Commissioner, and of course Jason Carter for Governor.

Here are links to the videos, followed by a playlist. Continue reading