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Videos: Jason Carter in Albany, Georgia 2014-10-12

Jason Carter wants you to go vote, for him for Governor. You can come meet him today at 5PM in Valdosta.

When Jason Carter spoke October 12th in Albany, Georgia, early voting was just starting. Now that’s finished, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th. If you haven’t voted yet, Tuesday’s the time to take all your friends and neighbors and go vote for Jason Carter for Governor of Georgia and for all the other Democratic local, state, and national candidates. Continue reading

Jason Carter for Governor at Jessie’s 5PM Saturday Nov 1st

300x359 Jason Carter and Kimberlyn Carter, in Jason Carter rally in Albany, by Gretchen Quarterman, for LowndesDems.org, 12 October 2014 Democratic candidate for Governor of Georgia Jason Carter returns to Valdosta this Saturday. Come help support our next Governor, and don’t forget to support our local and state Democratic candidates, too. Vote today, vote tomorrow, or vote on Election Day Tuesday!

Jason Carter will be meeting and greeting:

Jason Carter for Governor
Meet and Greet
5pm Saturday 1 November 2014

Jessie’s Eats and Treats
205 North Ashley Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

Please note Jessie’s recently moved, so Continue reading

Videos: President Jimmy Carter at ABAC (Tifton GA) 2014-10-28

Education, farming, the Carter Center, Habitat, and campaign finances. And vote for Jason Carter for Governor of Georgia! President Jimmy Carter spoke at ABAC in Tifton today, and Gretchen Quarterman videoed for the Lowndes County Democratic Party.

Videos: Rosalynn Carter at Jason Carter for Governor Rally 2014-10-09

300x225 Gretchen, Dexter, and Rosalynn Carter, in Rosalynn Carter at Jason Carter for Governor Rally in Valdosta, by John S. Quarterman, for LowndesDems.org, 9 October 2014 Education, health care, economy, and ethics: vote for Jason Carter for Governor of Georgia.

At the historic Lowndes County courthouse in Valdosta, Rosalynn Carter said:

Georgia going backwards for the past ten years. After we had so many gains in our state.

In fact in 2000 Georgia was on the verge of becoming the kind of state we all could be proud of. Moving into Continue reading

Rosalynn Carter wants you to vote

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter did something she’s never done before so she could come encourage you to vote: she left a Habitat build early to come speak at the Lowndes County Courthouse last Thursday. Now you can vote for Jason Carter for Governor and the rest of the Democratic slate starting Monday October 13th.

Joe Adgie wrote for the VDT 10 October 2014, Former first lady returns,

300x351 Page1-2, in Former First Lady Returns, by Joe Adgie, for LowndesDems.org, 9 October 2014 Carter has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week, participating in the 31st Annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, an annual week-long home building project organized by Habitat for Humanity, a project that has occurred in a wide variety of locations around the world since 1986, such as Chicago, India, the Philippines, New York, Watts in Los Angeles, and Valdosta.

For the first time ever, the former first lady left the project early, so she could campaign for Jason.

“I left because Continue reading

Videos: Jason Carter headlining BBQ @ LCDP 2014-04-07 2014-07-01

Here are videos of Jason Carter and the other Democratic candidates who came to the Annual Lowndes County Democratic Party Barbecue July 1st 2014.

Valarie Wilson has a runoff Tuesday for Georgia School Superintendent (the other candidate was invited but did not attend). In November, Democrats can vote for Bikram Mohanty for Georgia State Senate District 8, Dexter Sharper for Georgia House District 177 (unopposed incumbent), Daniel Blackman for Public Service Commission, Robbin Shipp for Labor Commissioner, and of course Jason Carter for Governor.

Here are links to the videos, followed by a playlist. Continue reading

Jason Carter at LCDP BBQ 1 July 2014

Come hear Jason Carter for Governor, Daniel Blackman for GA PSC, and Valerie Wilson for State School Superintendent at the Annual LCDP BBQ, July 1, 2014, Mathis Auditorium, Valdosta, GA.

We have invited all statewide candidates, and of course local runoff and general election candidates, to join us at the barbecue. Confirmed to attend so far: Continue reading