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Lowndes County Democratic Party General Meeting Minutes For May 11, 2020

Meeting Purpose/Title: Lowndes County Democratic Party General Meeting
Date & Time: Monday, May 11, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m.
Location: Via Zoom
LCDP Committee Members Present: Chairman Gerone Anderson, Dennis Marks, Vivian Miller-Cody, Kathryn Grant, Ronnie Pierce, Constalina James, George Burns, Angela Greene, Carol Mikkelsen, Gretchen Quarterman, Stan Tullos, Jeremiah Lawton, William Lamb, Sandra Tooley.

***PLEASE NOTE: All Lowndes County Democratic Party Membership Dues Run from January 01 through December 31***

Chairman Anderson led the present members in the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.
Secretary William Lamb then announced the current members who logged into the Zoom meeting.
Secretary William Lamb ten gave some highlights from our last meeting. He reminded members of the vacancies that we currently have on the LCDP County Committee for District 3, Post 4 and Super-District 5, Post 4. Dr. Marks was going to verify whether our volunteers lived in the correct areas to fill these vacancies. Dr. Marks then discussed the upcoming election calendar and reminded members of dates to focus on. The body discussed the issue of video recording our meetings and Chairman Anderson was going to confirm with Stacey Abrams regarding the legality of recording our meetings. We also discussed finalizing the LCDP’s budget for 2019-2020 and the details surrounding acquiring a new phone with voicemail for the party’s use. Lamb reminded the Chairman that members needed Jeremiah Lawton to give an update on the By-Laws Committee and the Executive Committee needs to schedule our strategic
meeting with Dr. Treva Gear. Mr. Lawton suggested discussing the By-Laws update after the situation with COVID-19 ends. Chairman Anderson stated we will table this issue until we can meet in-person because it will take some time to discuss and we will have to meet face to face to discuss. Chairman Anderson then asked Vice Chairman Dr. Marks if we were able to fill any of the vacancies on the LCDP County Committee. Dr. Marks stated Randy Brown and Kevin Reddick are not eligible for any of the vacancies. He then stated Leigh Touchston and George Bennett are both eligible for the vacancy for Super District 5, Post 4. Gretchen Quarterman then made a motion to table the election to fill these vacancies until we can have the full elections to fill the rest of the LCDP County Committee which will be held after the primaries are over in August, 2020. Dr. Marks seconded the motion to hold off filling the vacancies and the present members voted unanimously.
Chairman Anderson then called upon Treasurer Ronnie Pierce to give an update on his efforts to complete the budget for 2019-2020. Mr. Pierce reported that the Budget Committee recently met but there were several changes that still needed to be made to the budget. Dr. Marks stated the budget is online but needs to be updated and we need to do this quickly because the budget determines our strategic plans for the rest of the year. Dr. Marks suggested that the budget be sent back to the Budget Committee to put the budget in a finished form to send to the LCDP County Committee for their review.
Chairman Anderson agreed with this assessment and he instructed the Budget Committee to meet relatively soon in order to re-examine and finalize the budget.
Treasurer Ronnie Pierce then gave his report on the LCDP’s current finances. The actual total amount that we have in the bank is $5,638.48 and in the Paypal account we have $741.38, which makes a total of $6,379.86. Mrs. Quarterman and Mr. Pierce went into detail about spending $411.00 so that the LCDP now is paid for three years’ worth of internet service.
Vice Chair Dr. Marks was then called to give his elections report. He reminded members that we have some important dates coming up. He reminded members that May 11, 2020 was the last day to register to vote. Next Monday is the start of early voting and will continue 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. , and the first Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. He reminded members if they were going to vote in person than to wear a mask and abide by social distancing. He reminded members that the safest way to vote is through the mail. The last date to turn in your absentee ballot is election day, June 09, 2020. Dr. Marks also added that we needed to help people turn in their absentee ballots. He stated the LCDP has teamed up with the Georgia Democratic Party and Dr. Treva Gear to do phone banking in which members make calls, help people fill out their absentee ballots, and encourage people to turn in their absentee ballots. It is very important that we do
our part and get our base out to vote. Last date to vote is Tuesday, June 09, 2020 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in precincts.
Chairman Anderson then asked Dr. Treva Gear to address the members. Dr. Gear stated she recently sent out a newsletter from her campaign which asks, “Are you mad yet?” which stands for Mobilize Into Action for our future, especially in light of the failure of state and federal GOP leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. She asked for members to join her team and she tanked members for their support.

Dr. Marks reminded members to email him if they are interested in phone banking. Lastly, Mr. Pierce asked if the members would be in agreement for him to sign up for a monthly Zoom
subscription, with no time limit, it would cost $19.00 a month, and we can cancel at any time. Dr. Marks seconded Mr. Pierce’s motion to sign up for the Zoom subscription. Vice Chair Vivian Miller Cody inquired about the LCDP using the teleconference and she suggested we look into how much it would cost before proceeding with the motion. She did not see the need in paying just to look at one another on a computer screen when we could save money and still speak to one another over the phone.
Chairman Anderson stated we will send an email out to the Executive Committee to vote on whether to pay for a Zoom subscription or use phone conferencing to host our meetings in the future.

Meeting was adjourned.
Lowndes County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 2463
Valdosta, GA 31604 Georgia My Voter Page
(229) 241-1694

Lowndes County Democratic Party General Meeting Minutes for March 02, 2020

Meeting Purpose/Title: Lowndes County Democratic Party General Meeting
Date & Time: Monday, March 02, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m.
Location: LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 1800 Club House Drive, Valdosta, GA
LCDP Committee Members Present: Chairman Gerone Anderson, Dennis Marks, Vivian Miller-Cody, Kathryn Grant, Ronnie Pierce, Constalina James, George Burns, Angela Greene, Carol Mikkelsen, Gretchen Quarterman, Stan Tullos, Willie Rayford, Janie McGhin, Jeremiah Lawton, William Lamb, Tyler Tucker, Debra Tann.
LCDP Committee Members Excused: Lizzie Gordon, Sandra Tooley, John S. Quarterman, Dexter Sharper.
LCDP Committee Members Absent: Gregory Moore, JD Rice, Tina Valenti, James Parker.

***PLEASE NOTE: All Lowndes County Democratic Party Membership Dues Run from January 01 through December 31***

Chairman Anderson led the body in the Pledge of Allegiance and then introduced Pastor Stone to conduct the prayer.
Secretary William Lamb proceeded with the roll call of LCDP committee members.
Chairman Anderson and Dr. Marks introduced Cynthia Hair from the Board of Elections who was present to explain Georgia’s new voting machines to our members. She was here to show the machines, let people use them, see how they work, and try to answer any questions the members may have. She then proceeded with a demonstration of the voting machine for our members. Chairman Anderson then introduced Ed Rinder, who is the voter education co-ordinator. He emphasized encouraging college students to know in advance that they cannot be registered to vote in two different places, one at their college and another one at their home. He stated it would be helpful to contact students and have their parents mail them an absentee ballot which would remedy this situation. He stated this would prevent college students from showing up to vote on the day of and find out they are registered in a different place. Chairman Anderson then thanked the Board of Elections representatives for coming in and showing members the new voting machines.

Chairman Anderson then called upon Parliamentarian Jeremiah Lawton to speak. Mr. Lawton wanted to remind members to respect the Chairman at all times. He stated one reason we respect the Chairman so as not to show division in front of guests. Members need to use parliamentary procedures in order to move forward with the meeting.
Vice Chair for Elections Dennis Marks then began the election to fill the vacant position in District 3, Post 4. Dr. Marks reminded members that if a committee member misses three meetings then the remaining committee members can declare that position vacant and find someone else to fill the position. We have a vacancy because of absences and that is District 3, Post 4, previously held by Gregory Moore who has missed five meetings. Dr. Marks then proposed a motion to declare District 3, Post 4 vacant because of excessive absences. The motion was moved by Tyler Tucker and then seconded by Constalina James.
By unanimous vote, committee members raised their hands in favor of declaring the position vacant. Dr. Marks then asked members who lived in District 3 if there were any volunteers to serve on the committee. Randy Brown volunteered to serve and Dr. Marks stated he will check to make sure Mr. Brown lives in District 3. Dr. Marks then added that Glenn Ritchie who resigned as Vice Chair of Qualifying at our previous meeting was also resigning his position from the committee so we also have a vacancy for Super District 5, Post 4. Lee Touchston, George Bennett, and Kevin Reddick volunteered to serve in the position. Dr. Marks stated he will check the residency for each volunteer and we will table this issue until our next meeting.
The minutes for our meeting held on February 03, 2020 were distributed to the general body for review. Chairman Anderson entertained a motion to approve the minutes as presented, the motion was seconded, all members voted in favor for approval, and the motion was approved.
Chairman Anderson called upon Treasurer Ronnie Pierce to deliver his report. For the period ending in February, we had a balance of $4,147.25. At the last meeting we collected $8.00 in shirt sales; we collected $281.00 in membership dues; $150.00 for NAACP banquet; and $60.00 for the raffle. For the BBQ ticket sales we deposited $375.00, making a total deposit of $874.00. The balance including the deposits was $5,021.25. Of that amount, we spent $31.50 for phone bill, $59.00 for storage, $360.00 for Mathis Auditorium fee, $180.00 for NAACP banquet, which total disbursements were $630.50, leaving us a balance of $4,391.75. We also had a balance in Paypal of $276.14. The grand total in both accounts $4,667.89. Chairman Anderson asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, that motion was proposed, then seconded, and the body approved the motion. Dr. Marks then spoke about the upcoming election schedule. He reminded members that early voting for the presidential primary had begun and will last for three weeks from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. He also stated there will be mandatory Saturday and Sunday voting, so there is plenty of opportunity to vote.

The final day to vote will be on March 24, 2020. He emphasized that this is our chance to decide who the Democratic nominee will be. He also stated qualifying has started on March 02, 2020 for the November election and non-partisan election that will take place in May. The only Democrats who have qualified so far are Joyce Evans for Commission District 1 and Ashley Paulk for Sheriff. He also announced that Dr. Treva Gear has qualified for Senate District 8. Teresa Tomlison has qualified to run versus David Perdue. In District 1, Joyce Griggs has qualified and District 8, no democrats have qualified. He emphasized that we need democrats running in every local, state, and federal election. Dr. Marks stated Kathryn Grant is
going to spearhead reaching out to all of these candidates to see if they will attend our upcoming banquet on March 26, 2020. Chairman Anderson then asked if any person present was planning on running in any elections. Alvin Payton introduced himself and stated he will be running for District 177. Ronnie Pierce stated he plans on running for Joyce Evans’ District 1 County Commission seat. Chairman Anderson then called upon Vice Chair for Membership Vivian Miller-Cody to give her report. She reported that we had 5 new members pay their membership dues tonight. Charles Willis asked to speak and he wanted to remind members the importance of getting out and voting. Mr. Willis stated this country is in a desperate situation, our healthcare is an absolute disaster, we are the only industrialized nation that does not recognize healthcare as a right, we spend more money than any other country for prescription drugs, a woman is more likely to die during childbirth than a woman in 50 other countries, a working person has no more rights than other workers in third world countries. He stated that we need to make changes in this country and the only way we can do it is to vote.
Fundraising Chairwoman Constalina James stated she has been very busy selling tickets for our
upcoming banquet. Everything is almost paid for, except the meals. We have sold over 75 tickets. March 26, 2020 will be our annual BBQ and Lisa Rayne is going to be our guest speaker.
Chairman Anderson then brought up the issue of video recording our meetings. He stated he has received numerous complaints from people stating they will not attend our meetings because the meetings are video recorded so he is bringing this issue back up to the general body members. He opened the floor for discussion regarding recording our meetings. Chairman Anderson stated he did ask Stacey Abrams regarding the rules around recording meetings and she told him she would confirm with her lawyers to check on the rules and get back to him regarding this issue. As the advocate for recording the meetings, Gretchen Quarterman stated she would like to continue recording the meetings because
our body should be as transparent as possible and be a model for open governance. Gretchen
Quarterman explained that right now she has not had a chance to upload videos since fall and the recordings are located at her home. She is the only person who can access them. Kathryn Grant stated she does not feel comfortable having a discussion knowing that the recording will be available on YouTube. She added that as we move closer to election day we are going to be having discussions that will hopefully give us strategic advantages to win and she does want Republicans to know about those plans. Willie Rayford expressed mixed emotions regarding this issue. He believes recording the meeting through the minutes should be sufficient and we should not video record the meetings. Kevin Reddick believes videos which are recorded can be useful to motivate people who are not here. He believes we should get our message outside the four walls we meet in because they can be a useful tool. Janie McGhin suggested maybe tabling this issue until we hear back from Stacey Abrams. Mrs. McGhin suggested allowing the Chairman the ability to edit the videos. One member stated regarding the issue
of Republicans having an advantage, he reiterated that our meetings are open to the public so
Republicans can just attend our meetings so that should not be an issue. Another member expressed hesitation about attending our meetings for sometime because of the recording. She was involved in something very public in which her daughter received death threats from a stance she took publicly. She suggested that if we want to have a public face of the Lowndes County Democratic Party then we should do a podcast that would be separate from the organizational structure of the party and meeting. She personally did not want her physical body or voice on a video tape from this meeting and put it on social media because of attacks toward her family. Dr. Marks then added that he would also like to wait for a legal opinion from Stacey Abrams before proceeding. He stated the reason for sharing our proceedings
on social media is because the numbers of people who attend our meetings are not sufficient to win an election. Dr. Marks stated that we need to get our message out and we need people to know what we stand for. George Burns stated that because some people feel uncomfortable to be recorded, for that reason alone we should stop recording the meetings. A motion was proposed to table this issue until we hear back from Stacey Abrams, the motion was then seconded, and the majority voted to table this issue.
Kathryn Grant then announced Dr. Treva Gear is qualified and running for Senate District 8. Chairman Anderson then reminded the Executive Committee members that hopefully next month we can meet with Dr. Gear to finalize our strategic planning for the Democratic Party.
Chairman Anderson then opened the floor for members wishing to be heard. Willie Rayford wanted to remind voters of early voting. He hoped members would get out and do some work. Mr. Rayford stated he and Mrs. Miller-Cody had been helping people get to the polls.
Dr. Marks then stated Mr. Rayford reminded him that we need folks to work and we need two
categories of workers. One group to give rides to the polls and Mr. Rayford will coordinate through him. The other group is we need poll watchers. The Board of Elections needs poll workers and those are paid positions. Mr. Rayford then asked if the Democratic Party has money available for food or gas? Dr. Marks stated we are going to have an Executive Committee Meeting to discuss the budget. Ronnie Pierce then brought up the issue of our office phone. At our last meeting the Secretary explained that he was having difficulty getting the phone to work properly. Mr. Pierce was able to get the phone working. He believed that whoever is responsible for the phone must keep the phone on them at all times which is hard to ask someone to carry two cell phones. He stated right now the system we have is somebody has to physically answer the phone. He wanted to suggest possibly hiring an answering service or authorize him a smartphone so he can set up a voicemail system. Chairman Anderson instructed Mr. Pierce to gather some estimates together and we will take up this issue at our next meeting.
Winning 50/50 drawing #2469681 and Janie McGhin won.
Chairman Anderson then stated we have lots of work to do. He told members when they go home to talk to somebody, because we need people to get out and vote. He stated we need everybody going to the polls. He added that we can turn Lowndes County, this state, this country Blue if we get out to vote.

Meeting Adjourned.
Lowndes County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 2463
Valdosta, GA 31604 Georgia My Voter Page
(229) 241-1694

Help Elect Democrats by Participating In The Election of the Lowndes County Democratic Committee!

Fourteen posts are available and are organized by County Commission Districts. Anyone who is registered to vote in Lowndes County and who signs an affidavit supporting the Democratic Party is eligible to vote for the Lowndes County Democratic Committee. For an affidavit, roster of current post-holders, and bylaws please click the link below and explore this website or email or call LCDC at 229-241-1694.


Qualifying for 2020 Elections – March 2-6, 2020

2020 Candidate Qualifying Notice

All qualifying for Political Party Candidates, Nonpartisan Candidates who are qualifying for the May 19, 2020 General Primary & Nonpartisan General Election, and Independent Candidates who are qualifying for the November 3, 2020 General Election, will take place at the Lowndes County Voter Registration & Elections Office located at 2808 North Oak Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602.

Board of Elections Office
2808 North Oak Street Valdosta

Qualifying will begin Monday, March 2, 2020 and end on Friday March 6, 2020. Hours are as follows: Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 4:30pm and Friday from 9:00am until 12:00 Noon.

Candidates who wish to qualify for the May 19, 2020 Nonpartisan General Election or qualify as an Independent Candidate for the November 3, 2020 General Election will qualify with the Voter Registrations & Elections Staff.

Candidates who wish to qualify as a Political Party Candidate for a Lowndes County Office must qualify with either the Lowndes County Democratic Party or the Lowndes County Republican Party. Representatives from the political parties will be available during the designated time period to qualify their political party candidates.

Fees are paid to the organization with whom the candidate qualifies. Qualifying fees have been set by the Lowndes County Commission and are available here:

Commission Chairman $600.00
County Commissioner (Districts 1, 5) $450.00
Sheriff $2,424.58
Clerk of Court $2,173.02
Coroner $1,946.82
Solicitor $3,674.19
State Court Judge $3,863.70
Chief Magistrate $2,173.02
Probate Judge $2,173.02
Tax Commissioner $2,173.02

Qualifying for State level positions is done in Atlanta.
Those who wish to qualify for Federal or State offices should contact the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office at 404-656-2871 or

State Representative (Districts 174, 175, 176, 177)
State Senate (District 8)
U.S. Representative (Districts 1, 8)
U.S. Senate

Contact Information:
Lowndes County Voter Registrations and Elections Supervisor, Deb Cox, 229-671-2850, or
Lowndes County Democratic Party Chairperson, Gerone (Andy) Anderson, 229-560-3785 or

The Lowndes County Democratic Party’s ANNUAL BBQ

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Mathis City Auditorium
6:00pm ~9:00pm

“Recruit, Retain, Register and Transport” 

Our Keynote Speaker is Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams, Newly Elected Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia. In addition, several of the City of Valdosta Mayoral Candidates are scheduled to speak at our event.


Enjoy Great Barbecue Catered by Big Nick’s
The menu will include Pulled Pork, Leg Quarters, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Peach Cobbler, Roll, and Sweet Tea


Tickets are available from any LCDP Member or by calling the office at 229-241-1694 or 229-269-2986
Adults – $25

12 and under – $12.50

Activities will include Door Prizes, Vendors, Music, and a Picture Booth.

Supporting Local Business – McKinney’s Pet Lovers

SPOTLIGHT ON LOCAL BUSINESS: The Lowndes County Democratic Party is proud to support McKinney’s Pet Lovers located at 2000 North Ashley Street (on the corner of Park Avenue) in Valdosta.

In business since 1995, Tracy and Perry McKinney have a pet-centered point of view. Looking for natural and holistic products for their clients, they provide supplies for cats and dogs in one half of the store and fish, exotics and small pets in the other.

McKinney’s Pet Lovers employs five people who make sure customer’s pet needs are met. They can special order items if necessary and variety of favorite brands. They also sell supplies for farm animal needs as well as bedding, food and supplies for small animals.

Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Perry and Tracy McKinney

Perry and Tracy McKinney

Mc Kinney's Pet Lovers

Mc Kinney’s Pet Lovers

Perry and Tracy McKinney

Perry and Tracy McKinney

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Video from Democratic Party Platform Meeting in Orlando

You can answer a survey for your local DNC delegates at the LCDP BBQ today, after you hear candidates for offices from Senate to the most local, and eat fine local BBQ.

You can watch the whole two-day Orlando Platform Committee meeting on YouTube.

LCDP’s Treasurer Gretchen Quarterman was there, and will be collecting answers to the survey at the LCDP BBQ this evening at 6PM at Mathis Auditorium.

You can become an LCDP member or renew today to help elect Democrats!

Continue reading

Videos: Local Health Issues, Public Forum and LCDP Monthly Meeting 2016-01-04

It’s qualifying week, so please come ready to run for office or to support those who will run, to tomorrow’s LCDP monthly meeting, 6PM 7 March 2016, topic College Debt, at Mama June’s Restaurant, 3286 Inner Perimeter Road, Valdosta, GA (facebook event).

Meanwhile, here are videos of the very interesting January 2016 LCDP meeting on “Local Health Issues”; see the January meeting announcement for speaker list. Videos of the February meeting coming up shortly are also posted.

You can become an LCDP member or renew today to help elect Democrats!

About the Lowndes County Democratic Party

The Lowndes County Democratic Party: Continue reading

Presidential Preference – be sure to vote!

From the Democratic Party of Georgia:

The Voter Protection Committee of the DPG has hashed out a smart and modern
plan to monitor and document any issues that might arise at the polls for
the PPP. Many thanks to Penney Allen and David Dreyer for their hard work
on this.

If any Georgia voters have any questions about their polling location, they

1) Use the hashtag #gavote411. We have volunteers monitoring social

2) Call the office at 678-278-2016. We have a team standing by to
answer the phones and direct folks in the right direction.

3) Use our nifty polling place locator.

4) Keep an eye out for shareable graphics throughout the day.

The same goes for any problems at the polls. Call us at 678-278-2016 or use
the hashtag #gavote911 on Twitter. Again, we’ll have folks monitoring these
issues to respond and document.

For Spanish speaking voters, there’s a new Android app that might be

“Yo Voto” is an initiative of POL-IT and Georgia Tech to promote citizen
participation and observation during Georgia’s Presidential Primary on
March 1st.

“Yo Voto” is a tool for citizens committed to both transparency in the
electoral process and strengthening democracy.

Polls are open 7am-7pm on March 1, 2016. Exercise your right to vote.

Local Health Issues, Public Forum and LCDP Monthly Meeting 2016-01-04

Please join the LCDP for a public forum pertaining to “Local Health Issues.” The meeting will take place at Mama June’s restaurant (3286 Inner Perimeter Road) at 6 PM on Monday, January 4th: facebook event. Speaking with us will be:

  • John Rogers (South Health District Public Health Educator),
  • Todd Smoot (VSU Cross Country Coach),
  • and Ariel Godwin (Senior Planner, Southern Georgia Regional Commission).

Aspects of health

The meeting will take place at Continue reading