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LCDP Public Forum: Gun Violence 2015-11-02

In light of the senseless shootings that continue to plague the Candlelit vigil United States, the LCDP is hosting a public forum about gun violence. Our guest speaker, Kathryn Grant, is the co-founder of the Georgia Gun Sense Coalition, and is one of the leading advocates for common sense gun laws in the United States. The meeting will take place at Mama June’s restaurant, but you do not need to purchase food to join the discussion.

When: 6PM Monday November 2nd 2015 Continue reading

Videos: GA Rep. Dexter Sharper District 177 @ LCDP 2015-01-05

After a pot luck supper at the new location at the party office, new chair Tom Hochschild presided over a standing-room-only crowd that heard Deb Cox, Dexter Sharper, Demarcus Marshall, and J.D. Rice.

Lowndes County Elections Supervisor Deb Cox said there’s a special election in Lake Park for an unexpired City Council seat, poll workers are needed, and you can register to vote online.

Dexter Sharper, re-elected from District 177 (Valdosta and parts of Lowndes County) to the Georgia House, spoke about the need for early financial education, for gun safety instruction should be required to get a firearm permit, and for medical certification for coroner positions throughout the state of Georgia. Rep. Sharper is a paramedic, so he’s had Continue reading