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Dates for Special Election for Georgia House District 175

Update 2018-03-05: Dr. Treva Gear qualified Monday March 5, 2018 to run again for District 175 in the November 2018 General Election.

Update 2018-01-13: who qualified and complete list of early voting dates and times for Lowndes and Thomas Counties.

Four candidates qualified: Democrat Dr. Treva Gear and three Republicans.

The easiest way to find out if you are in this (or any other) district is to go to Georgia My Voter Page.

See below for the dates for this special election, which was opened by the retirement of Amy Carter.

Map of Georgia House District 175

The district includes Brooks County with Quitman and Morven, parts of Thomas County with Boston and part of Thomasville, with Pavo and Barwick in between Thomas and Brooks Counties, and part of Lowndes County, with parts of Valdosta and Hahira.

Statistical Atlas, Map

Statistical Atlas, Map

See also Official U.S. Census GA 175 District Map. Continue reading

Vote Today, Democratic Primary!

Today is the day to cast your ballot for who will be the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. You can go vote, take your friends, your neighbors, your relatives!

For where, go to My Voter Page by the Georgia Secretary of State. If that’s not working, call the Lowndes County Board of Elections, 229-671-2850.

For where your precinct is, see the handy list with links to maps by the Board of Elections.

Need a ride? Call the Lowndes County Democratic Party at 229-241-1694.

See any irregularities? Call the Democratic Party of Georgia at 678-278-2016 or post on social media with hashtag #gavote411. Also call Deb Cox at the Lowndes County Board of Elections, 229-671-2850.

More in a previous post, including for Spanish speaking voters.

War and peace, pipelines and fracking, environment and economy, all these and many more issues will be strongly affected by the next president of the United States, plus several Supreme Court appointments that will resound for generations. Today’s the day to vote in the presidential primary!

Presidential Preference – be sure to vote!

From the Democratic Party of Georgia:

The Voter Protection Committee of the DPG has hashed out a smart and modern
plan to monitor and document any issues that might arise at the polls for
the PPP. Many thanks to Penney Allen and David Dreyer for their hard work
on this.

If any Georgia voters have any questions about their polling location, they

1) Use the hashtag #gavote411. We have volunteers monitoring social

2) Call the office at 678-278-2016. We have a team standing by to
answer the phones and direct folks in the right direction.

3) Use our nifty polling place locator.

4) Keep an eye out for shareable graphics throughout the day.

The same goes for any problems at the polls. Call us at 678-278-2016 or use
the hashtag #gavote911 on Twitter. Again, we’ll have folks monitoring these
issues to respond and document.

For Spanish speaking voters, there’s a new Android app that might be

“Yo Voto” is an initiative of POL-IT and Georgia Tech to promote citizen
participation and observation during Georgia’s Presidential Primary on
March 1st.

“Yo Voto” is a tool for citizens committed to both transparency in the
electoral process and strengthening democracy.

Polls are open 7am-7pm on March 1, 2016. Exercise your right to vote.

Videos of Meet the Candidates Night: LCDP Monthly Meeting 2015-09-14

Most of the candidates for city elections are in these videos from the LCDP meeting of 14 September 2015.

Below are links to each candidate video, followed by a video playlist. You can become an LCDP member or renew today to help elect Democrats! Continue reading

Meet the Candidates Night: LCDP Monthly Meeting 2015-09-14

Meet the candidates who are running for mayor, city council, and school board! Meet the Candidates Night

When: 6PM Monday September 14th 2015

Where: New location this month:
Mama June’s Home Cookin’
3286 Inner Perimeter Rd.
Valdosta, GA

Facebook: event

You can become an LCDP member or renew today to help elect Democrats!

This is a nonpartisan election, and all candidates are invited to speak Monday night. Here are all the candidates who qualified for this election, according to the Lowndes County Board of Elections. (Formatting is how they sent it.) Continue reading

March Monthly LCDP Meeting

IMG_4384The next monthly meeting for the Lowndes County Democratic Party meeting will be held in the lobby of the Lowndes County Board of Elections at 2808 N. Oak St. Valdosta, GA 31601 on March 2nd, 2015 at 6:00 PM. This decision was made due to requests of a few members who remarked that there was too little room for members during the February meeting. Please mark your calendars for this event and come watch the LCDP continue to grow.

After SRO for Dr. LaPlant, LCDP moves to bigger hall for business speakers in March


Valdosta, February 5th, 2015 — Two rooms filled and standing in the hall, so many people came to hear Dr. James LaPlant talk about how Georgia is “in play”, that the Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP) is moving to a bigger venue for its March meeting.

LCDP is one of less than half a dozen Continue reading

Videos: GA Rep. Dexter Sharper District 177 @ LCDP 2015-01-05

After a pot luck supper at the new location at the party office, new chair Tom Hochschild presided over a standing-room-only crowd that heard Deb Cox, Dexter Sharper, Demarcus Marshall, and J.D. Rice.

Lowndes County Elections Supervisor Deb Cox said there’s a special election in Lake Park for an unexpired City Council seat, poll workers are needed, and you can register to vote online.

Dexter Sharper, re-elected from District 177 (Valdosta and parts of Lowndes County) to the Georgia House, spoke about the need for early financial education, for gun safety instruction should be required to get a firearm permit, and for medical certification for coroner positions throughout the state of Georgia. Rep. Sharper is a paramedic, so he’s had Continue reading

Early voting starts tomorrow, Monday Oct. 13th 2014

You can vote tomorrow at the Board of Elections, 2808 N. Oak Street, Valdosta, GA. Facebook event.

Or you can vote Sunday October 26th, since LCDP asked and the Board of Elections approved Lowndes to be the second county in Georgia to authorize Sunday voting.

Actually, you can vote almost every day for the rest of October. According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Early / Advance Voting Information: Continue reading

Fun and voter registration at South Georgia Pride today!

300x225 Sign up, register, and vote!, in South Georgia Pride, by Lowndes County Democratic Party, for, 21 September 2013 Come on down to Saunders Park today to help register voters, sign up LCDP members, and enjoy a day at the park with South Georgia Pride!

We’ll be setting up at 10AM at John W Saunders Park, 1151 River Street Valdosta, GA. The Pride Festival is open noon to 7PM. Volunteers are welcome all day, especially 12-2 and 4-7. Come meet lots of Democrats and have a good time!

Remember, you can register to vote online. That’s how Continue reading