First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who helped in the election – getting out the vote, putting up signs, phone banking, driving voters to the polls, directing traffic, cutting radio ads, recording robocalls, and serving as poll watchers, poll observers, monitors and adjudicators. Thank you all! We turned GEORGIA BLUE!

At this time, President-Elect Biden is ahead in Georgia by 10,600 votes. Lowndes County Democrats provided 20,117 votes for Biden. Without Lowndes County Democrats, Biden would not be ahead in Georgia!

 But our work is not yet done. As it stands now, there will be a Runoff for Public Service Commission (PSC) District 4. The PSC sets the rates for gas, electricity, etc. The Democratic candidate is Daniel Blackman. Daniel Blackman was the keynote speaker at the 2019 LCDP BBQ. He came through for LCDP, on very short notice. We need to come through for him!

The Runoff for State and Local Officeslike the PSC, is on Tuesday, December 1. Early Voting will start as soon as possible. (I’ll share the schedule as soon as I receive it.) The deadline to register to vote was October 5.

The Runoff for Federal Officeslike the US Senate, is on Tuesday, January 5. Early Voting will run Monday, December 14 – Friday, January 1, except holidays. The deadline to register to vote will be Monday, December 7.

One can vote in the Runoff for Federal Offices even if one did not vote in the General Election. We need to register everyone who isn’t registered now! The easiest way for someone to register to vote is by smartphone: go to mvp.sos.ga.gov 

Ask everyone in your network to go to mvp.sos.ga.gov on their smartphone or computer, to check their voter registration, to register to vote if not already registered, and to request an absentee ballot if not already requested. It’s all at MVP. 

Turning 18 by January 5? Register by December 7 to vote for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate! Go to mvp.sos.ga.gov. Anyone who has completed probation and fines can register to vote! Anyone who is a citizen can register to vote! 

The Democratic candidates are Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael WarnockVOTE for BOTH! If both win, the U.S. Senate will be tied 50-50. Vice President Kamala Harris would then cast the tie-breaking vote, giving control of the U.S. Senate to the Democrats!

Not a moment to waste, Democrats! Get the word out now about voter registration and absentee ballots: mvp.sos.ga.gov