Lowndes County Democratic Party’s Minutes for September 14, 2020

LCDP Committee Members Present: Chairwoman Miller-Cody, Dr. Dennis Marks, Constalina James, Pam Hubbard, Ronnie Pierce, Carol Mikkelson, Sandra Tooley, Eric Bell, Jeremiah Lawton, Stan Tullos, David Henry, Willie Rayford, George Burns, Gretchen Quarterman.     

LCDP Committee Members Absent: George Bennett, Janie McGhin, Tyler Tucker, Angela Greene, J.D. Rice, Randy Brown, Debra Rutland.  

LCDP Committee Members Excused: Kathryn Grant.  

Chairwoman Miller-Cody called the meeting to order and then introduced Councilwoman Sandra Tooley to lead the members in prayer. Chairwoman Miller-Cody then led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody asked for the members to make sure to review the minutes for our last meeting from August 03, 2020. She then asked for a motion to approve the minutes from our last meeting. Eric Bell made a motion to approve the minutes, Willie Rayford seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved. Secretary William Lamb then re-iterated to the members that all of the previous minutes for all of our meetings have been posted onto our website for review. 

Secretary William Lamb then proceeded with a roll call of the Lowndes County Democratic Party Committee members present for this meeting. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody then called upon Treasurer Ronnie Pierce to deliver his monthly report. Our ending balance as of September 13, 2020 was in the amount of $4,712.97. Total deposits were in the amount of $1,525.00. Sign sales equaled to $1,475.00 and we profited $854.00. He stated this left us with an amount of $4,896.83. Our disbursements included $30.00 for Cricket phone, $14.99 for Zoom, $67.00 for the storage unit, $640.00 for purchase of the Biden-Harris signs, $106.00 for annual fee of post office box, $57.64 for handouts, $60.00 for Tyler Tucker, $50.00 for Mathew Bausey, $60.00 for expenses for Mr. Anderson at Walmart, $79.00 for flowers for Mr. Anderson’s funeral, $30.00 for Cricket, and $67.00 for the storage unit. Total disbursements were in the amount of $1,261.51. Leaving us with a balance in our Ozarks account in the amount of $4,996.83. We have a Paypal balance of $1,052.00. The total of both accounts equals to $5,897.35.  

Sandra Tooley asked Mr. Pierce, “Who made the unknown deposit of $25.00 on July 17, 2020?” Unfortunately, at the time Mr. Pierce did not know who deposited this amount into the LCDP’s account. Chairwoman Miller-Cody suggested tabling the Treasurer’s Report until we can find out who deposited the $25.00 into our account. Dr. Marks then made a motion to table the Treasurer’s Report until we clear this issue up. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody then called upon Vice Chair Dr. Dennis Marks to give his report on the upcoming elections. Dr. Marks announced there are several vacancies on the LCDP County Committee for District 2 and Super District 5 and he requested volunteers to fill these positions. Dr. Marks notified members that absentee ballots were starting to be mailed out and that they can request an absentee ballot on the new website ballotrequest.sos.ga.gov. You can also go to myvoterpage.com to check the status of your absentee ballot. Dr. Marks emphasized that when you do fill out your ballot, to make sure to fill it out from top to bottom and to make sure to fill in the entire bubble. Also, make sure to write your name and sign the outside envelope. He emphasized that your ballot will not be counted if you do not sign the outside envelope. He also reminded members to make sure to put postage on the envelope, and he stated the best option was to drop off your ballot into one of the drop boxes that are located in the county. The deadline to register to vote is October 05, 2020. Early Voting will start October 12, 2020 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for seven days a week and that includes Saturdays and Sundays at the Board of Elections. October 19, 2020 the Board of Elections will start opening and processing the ballots. He then thanked Kathryn Grant and Pam Hubbard because from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. they are going to watch the absentee ballots being opened. The last day for early voting is Friday, October 30, 2020. No voting on Halloween, No voting on November 01, no voting on November 02. November 03 is Election Day, the last opportunity to vote. Dr, Marks stated he is going to need a lot of help with elections, he needs volunteers for poll watching, phone banking, text banking, post-card writing, going to door to door, and providing rides to the polls. He requested volunteers to e-mail lowndesdems@gmail.com if someone is interested. Dr. Marks also asked for someone to step up to be a Volunteer Co-ordinator and to contact him if they were interested. Dr. Marks asked members to be cognizant of the strength of the various Democratic candidates running in this year’s elections and make sure you vote for the Democrat with the best chance of winning. Dr. Marks then stated the most important local election that we have is the election of State Senate District 8 in which Dr. Treva Gear is running.              

Dr. Marks then asked Dr. Treva Gear to say a few things about how we can help her campaign. She has been doing No-Knock canvassing, phone banking, post-carding, radio shows, mailers, and fundraising events. She has some billboards that are going to be coming up and she has more signs to come. She let members know they can contact her if they want a yard sign or a T-shirt. Dr. Gear asked, “How can members help my campaign?” She asked members to use their network to help spread the word about her campaign. Dr. Treva has been endorsed by Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight, Georgia Association of Educators, Sierra Club, Working Families Party, Sharing Action, and Georgia Conservation Voters. She needs more people to help with canvassing, phone banking, writing postcards, and share her campaign on social media. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody then called upon Vice Chair Constalina James to give her report on membership. Mrs. James stated she did not have anything for membership but she did have some things to say about fundraising. She thanked all the patrons who paid for tickets and helped with our BBQ that we had to unexpectedly cancel. She sold 51 plates for the BBQ and since it was canceled she spoke to Big Nick about preparing the take out plates to give to the patrons. So on September 22, 202 between 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Mrs. James will be at Bick Nick’s restaurant and he is going to prepare the menu as if we were going to have the BBQ as usual. She has the nine names who purchased the 51 plates and she will contact them to make arrangements to pick up their food. She added that if the patrons do not want the food plates then we will donate the meals to the Food Bank. She will send an e-mail out to the nine people who purchased the tickets. 

Treasurer Ronnie Pierce then showed the members a copy of the flyers that he created so that we will be able to handout them out to voters to inform them of the Democratic candidates running in each election. Dr. Marks emphasized that when members are looking at their ballot to make sure to vote for every Democrat from the top of the ballot all the way down. 

Vice Chair Pam Hubbard had nothing to report. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody then added that we were able to sell all of the yard signs and we made $854.00 in profit. She got some more yard signs to sell and she told members to call her if they were interested in buying any. Margie Tullos suggested maybe putting the signs on the LCDP’s website since it is already connected with Paypal. Chairwoman Miller-Cody was against putting the signs online because she did not want Paypal to get a percentage of the profits for the sale of the signs. Gretchen Quarterman suggested charging $11.00 for the signs online in order to offset the kickback to Paypal. Chairwoman Miller-Cody then assigned Gretchen Quarterman to put the yard signs for sale on the LCDP’s website.   

Chairwoman Miller-Cody asked for volunteers to be a Volunteer Co-ordinator. She then opened the floor for members wishing to be heard. Dr. Gear announced that her campaign was having phone bank bingo coming up later in the week and she will send e-mails out containing details. 

Dr. Marks asked for anybody to volunteer to be a Volunteer Co-ordinator and asked for all hands on deck. 

Chairwoman Miller-Cody then brought up the issue of members needing to pick a date so we can go out and canvass in areas and handout the flyers. Secretary Lamb suggested Saturday, October 10, 2020 as one of the dates and the following Saturday, October 17, 2020. George Burns volunteered to hand out flyers in Brooks County, but Dr. Marks emphasized that we need to handout the flyers in Lowndes County because the flyers themselves deal with candidates running in elections in Lowndes County. Constalina James stated she would be happy to stand outside some grocery stores and handout flyers. Willie Rayford also volunteered and stated that he will hand out the flyers during church services. Chairwoman Miller-Cody then stated she will confirm with Dr. Marks about sending out an e-mail regarding handing out flyers on October 03rd, 10th, and 17th and the people can contact them about getting flyers and they can set up wherever they want. 

Meeting adjourned.