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To All Lowndes County Democrats:

This is your chance to help turn Lowndes County BLUE!

The 2020 Election is here and Lowndes County Voters are turning out.

A big thank you to the great team of Early Voting Poll Watchers who have committed to watching Early Voting inside the Board of Elections office.

And a big thank you in advance to our Democratic Team of PBPM/VRP monitors for the paper ballot processing monitors and vote review panels that start October 19.


Outside Poll Watchers for Early Voting (poll watching is done in shifts)

Inside Poll Watchers for Precincts on Election Day, Nov. 3 (work is done in shifts)

This is the Election of our lifetime- our Democratic values and our children’s future are on the line.  This is your chance to say, Yes, I will- I will do my part for All of Us.

For more information call Dennis Marks at 229.630.8486 or email

Let’s Do This!

Early vote outside fill-in volunteers:

For outside Early Vote poll watchers who want to be shifted in the remaining days of early vote as outside observers, they need to first sign up through our poll watcher registration form ( ) and note in comments section at end of form something like want to do early vote outside poll watching in Lowndes – please call to schedule me for shift(s).  Volunteers will need to select an Election Day shift on this form – we don’t have the option to select early vote at this point so if they can’t do Election Day, only want outside early vote, they’ll need to note that in the commetn section at the end and we can remove the election day selection on our end.  After registering through the form above, volunteers can also email to request that someone on our team call to schedule them for outside early vote shifts.

Election Day poll watchers:

Register to join the Election Day poll watching team here and you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information you’ll need to get up and running with a few short training videos and other resources we have for poll watchers.


My name is Vivian Miller Cody, Chairperson of the Lowndes County Democratic Party. I would like to remind you that early voting starts on Monday, October 12th, and continues to Friday, October 30th, from 7AM to 7PM, including Saturdays and Sundays, at the Board of Elections office located at 2808 North Oak Street, Valdosta. If you are voting absentee, mail your ballot early or use the drop box at the Board of Elections office. You can check the status of your absentee ballot at (that’s B-A-L-L-O-T-T-R-A-X). Your vote is especially important. Let’s turn Georgia Blue! If you need a ride to the polls or to take your ballot to the drop box, call (229) 241-1694. This message is sponsored by the Lowndes County Democratic Party.