Minutes for the LCDP General Meeting Held On July 06, 2020

LCDP County Committee Members Present: Chairman Gerone Anderson, Ronnie Pierce, Jeremiah Lawton, William Lamb, Stan Tullos, Vivian Miller-Cody, Sandra Tooley, Dr. Debra Tann, Dr. Dennis Marks, Representative Dexter Sharper, Gretchen Quarterman. 

Chairman Anderson led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance and then Jeremiah Lawton led members in a prayer. 

Chairman Anderson called upon Secretary William Lamb to give his report. Mr. Lamb informed the present members that the minutes for the Zoom meetings have been posted onto the LCDP’s website for review. Mr. Lamb explained that hopefully when members are able to meet in person we can formally approve all of the minutes. From now on, until members can meet in person, the minutes for each meeting will be posted on the website prior to our meetings.  

Chairman Anderson then called upon Treasurer Ronnie Pierce to give his report. He stated the party ended up with a balance last month of $5,472.15. We had a deposit from Mr. Anderson in the amount of $25.00, return credit from our website domain service that was discussed at our last general meeting, making our deposits totaling $5,552.60. Of that amount we paid $51.00 for storage, $31.00 for phone, and an annual fee of $69.94 for voicemail, we also wrote a check for Valdosta Daily Times in the amount of $631.20 for our ad that ran in the newspaper for four weeks, and we had a bill in the amount of $14.99 for our Zoom meeting. The total that we spent for the month of June was $841.13, which left us with an account balance of $4,687.97. He stated we also had a Paypal balance in the amount of $827.55. That makes the total in both of our accounts in the amount of $5,115.15.   

Several members expressed concern over the $631.20 that we ended up paying to run the ad regarding the LCDP’s upcoming elections in the Valdosta Daily Times. Chairman Anderson and Dr. Marks explained that according to the Democratic Party of Georgia’s by-laws and the LCDP’s by-laws, we are obligated to advertise as much as possible, and specifically “in a newspaper of general circulation in the County at least once a week for the four weeks” about the County Committee elections, so that we encourage people to join and participate in the party. Some members asked whether we could put a limit on how much we spend on the advertisement in the future. Dr. Marks explained that the amount for the ad is determined by the size of the ad. Chairman Anderson stated we can table this issue and we will discuss in the future about how much we are willing to spend on the ad in the future. 

Chairman Anderson then introduced Dr. Debra Tann to speak. Dr. Tann gave members an update regarding the Democratic National Convention which will be held online. She explained that since the convention will be held online, that means everyone can participate with the convention and people are able to sign up on the platform committee which develops the platform that our party is going to run on in the future. She encouraged members to go to the DNC website to sign up to be a part of the convention. She also wanted members to know that since the convention will be online, she no longer has to worry about fundraising to attend the event. 

Chairman Anderson then introduced Representative Dexter Sharper to say a few words. Rep. Sharper thanked the members for their support in his recent re-election. He stated the Hate Crime Bill was passed. He mentioned an issue regarding cutting the salaries for state representatives next year by 10% had been brought forward and he voted in favor of cutting the salaries of state representatives. Lastly, he stated a lot of Democrats voted against next year’s budget, but he voted in favor of the budget because the bill contained a lot of provisions that will help people in Georgia. 

Chairman Anderson asked Representative Sharper whether he had any plans on how to get out the vote for this November’s election. Rep. Sharper stated he tries to use Facebook as much as he can, but he stated we also need to start using all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. He stated he is already working with the Democratic Party of Georgia on social media platforms to push younger voters to request mail in ballots. Chairman Anderson asked Rep. Sharper if he could take charge of the LCDP’s social media platforms and he agreed. Rep. Sharper stated he would like some people to get with him and he can show them how to stay present on social media platforms. Chairman Anderson stated that we as a party need to start cranking out more content on social media, if we are going to affect any change. Rep. Sharper suggested making a Facebook post, then pay for the boosting of that post, and then set up the demographics. Ronnie Peirce volunteered to give his information to Facebook in order to run a post. Chairman Anderson then asked Ronnie Pierce to meet with Mr. Sharper as well as Gretchen Quarterman about formulating some ideas for the post and starting a social media committee.  

Chairman Anderson then asked Councilwoman Vivian Miller-Cody if she had anything to add. Mrs. Miller-Cody stated it would be a great idea if representatives from the community such as herself and Councilwoman Sandra Tooley hosted a panel live on multiple social media platforms and answer questions from people calling in regarding voting and the upcoming elections. Mrs. Miller-Cody volunteered herself and Councilwoman Sandra Tooley to get with Mrs. Quarterman and Mr. Sharper and come up with some ideas.  

Chairman Anderson then asked Dr. Dennis Marks to give his report. First, Dr. Marks stated he was giving an update regarding the LCDP’s County Committee elections. He stated the party will have three elections in a row and we will do them a week at a time. Second, he reminded members that there is a runoff in the primaries for Congressional District 1 between Lisa Ring and Joyce Marie Griggs. Early voting for the runoff starts July 20, 2020 at the Board of Elections and then Election Day is August 11, 2020. Third, he asked for volunteers for phone banking, poll watching and rides to the polls. He asked members if they were interested in volunteering, then to send their contact information to the party’s e-mail address and they will be added to our list of volunteers. 

Ronnie Pierce presented two options for flyers containing information for upcoming elections that the party plans to hand out. Chairman Anderson felt this was more cost effective than printing out election cards. Members discussed several suggestions and revisions that needed to be made to the flyer.  

Meeting Adjourned.     

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