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Election of Delegates to Georgia Democratic State Convention – August 6, 2018

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Democratic Party of Georgia will be hosting the 2018 State Convention in Atlanta. This is the Party’s opportunity to showcase candidates and do other important things like adopt the platform via delegate vote.

640x480 Part 2, Movies, in LCDP Monthly Meeting, by Gretchen Quarterman, for, 7 May 2018

Come select LCDP leadership

LCDP will need to elect delegates to represent Lowndes County at the convention. This will be done at the regular business meeting on August 6th, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the Dexter Sharper Center on Bemiss Road. The ONLY requirement to qualify as a delegate is that one must be a registered voter and resident of Lowndes County, GA. You do not need to be a Post Seat Holder to run for these positions. All candidates will need to sign an affidavit that reads:

I am a resident and registered voter in Lowndes County, GA. I hereby make application to be an elected delegate and/or an elector of a delegate to the Democratic Party of Georgia State Convention. I believe in the goals of the Democratic Party of Georgia, am not a member of any other political party or body (as defined in the Georgia Election Code), and am not affiliated with any political group whose ideal, goals, and methods are incompatible with that of the Democratic Party of Georgia (as identified by the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Georgia)

There are 6 open delegate seats and 3 alternate seats that will be open during this election. We will elect those seats in two different phases. During the first phase, only Post Seat Holders will be able to vote and will elect three delegates and two alternates. During the second phase, everyone at the meeting will be able to vote and will elect three delegates and one alternate.

Each delegate will be responsible for all expenses related to attending the convention, including transportation, parking, meals, and overnight (if so chosen).

Even if you are not interested in being a delegate and attending the state convention, please attend the meeting so that you can participate in the selection of those who will represent Lowndes on that day.