Elect Treva Gear to GA House 175, Tuesday 2018-02-13

Tuesday is Special Election Day to put Democrat Dr. Treva Gear in the Georgia Statehouse.

When: 7AM to 7PM, Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Where: Go to Georgia My Voter Page.
For Lowndes County, see also precincts.

What: Turnout will determine This election, so get out and vote. Take your friends with you.
If you don’t live in GA 175, make sure your friends that do live there go to vote.

Rides: If you need a ride to the polls, in Lowndes County call the LCDP office, 229-241-1694.
In Thomas County, call TCDP, 816-786-8561.

Dr. Treva Gear for GA 175

Dr. Treva Gear, a teacher’s teacher, a recent Lowndes High School Teacher of the Year, and a military veteran, is the one Democrat running in the Special Election for Georgia House District 175. She is from Cook County, works in Lowndes County, and lives in Brooks County.

For more about the candidate, see https://trevagear.com/Meet-Treva/.

Some national coverage! Melissa Walker, Teen Vogue, Feb 9, 2018, Special Elections Will Be Held in Minnesota, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Florida: Here’s what you need to know.

Meet the Democratic candidate: “I have served my country, and I currently serve the students and teachers of my school,” Gear, an Army veteran and the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year for Lowndes High School, has said. “I am here to lead, educate, and empower.”

Dr. Gear spoke to the Lowndes County Democratic Party about education, jobs, public transit to get people to school and jobs, and in Q&A about the school to prison pipeline.

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