Treva Gear for GA House 175

Democrat and teacher Treva Gear says she is running in the special election for Georgia Statehouse District 175.

Teacher and Candidate, Treva Gear

Treva Gear is from Adel in Cook County, works in Valdosta at Lowndes High School, and lives in Brooks County.

Campaign website:
Her website should be the most up to date and accurate place for information about her campaign.

Campaign contribution checks: If you want to contribute to her campaign, please send a check to:

Committee to Elect Treva Gear
P.O. Box 2464
Valdosta, GA 31604
41 Antler Lane, Valdosta, GA 31602

As required by the Georgia Campaign Finance Commission, be sure to include your name, address, employer, and profession.

Campaign contributions online: Email:

Telephone: (229) 630-7752

She will have a campaign website up soon. It’s up:

with J.D. Rice, LCDP Chair, Treva Gear

Treva Gear came to the Lowndes County Democratic Party monthly meeting yesterday, and talked about herself and her platform, including jobs, education, and public transportation. She also listened, for example to Bill Donaldson, who had just been honored at the MLK Commemoration Dinner. Video to come.

Listening to Bill Donaldson, just honored at MLK dinner, Treva Gear

Amy Carter, whose retirement caused this special election, wrote in the Valdosta Daily Times, March 11, 2017, ‘Crossover Day’ at the Capitol,

I was proud to welcome my Lowndes High Principal LeAnne McCall and academic coach Dr. Treva Gear in the Statehouse for PAGE Day. Both are great friends and wonderful representatives of Lowndes County.

Treva Gear was 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year for Lowndes High School.

Treva Gear, Teacher of the Month, Lowndes High School
Photo by Laverne Hill, Lowndes County Schools, August 7, 2015, LHS 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Gear’s title at Lowndes High School is Instructional Coach:

I am the Instructional Coach at Lowndes High School. I facilitate professional learning opportunities at LHS that are aligned with district and school goals, and teacher needs that improve student learning. I provide instructional support to all faculty and staff. I have been in the education field for 12 years and I take great pride in my service to the teachers, students, and staff of Lowndes High. My instructional background includes experiences as a high school science educator with teaching experience in the alternative school setting, special education, regular education, and honors. I hold a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Adult and Career Education. I have presented research findings at the VSU TIES Conference, National Youth At Risk, and the College Board Preparate Conference. My research interests are focused on college and career readiness, college transition, equity in education, and social justice.

Treva Yulonda Gear’s Master’s thesis at VSU, July 2017 Ph.D. Ed.D. dissertation at VSU, July 2016, was on Identifying Best Practices for Facilitating Access to Higher Education for Latina High School Students in Georgia.

For how, when, and where you can vote in the special election for GA House District 175, see separate post.