Help flip the Sixth

Democrats have a good chance to win in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District special election which is tomorrow, April 18, 2017. You can volunteer to phone bank through this DPG web page.

Here’s one version of why: Rebecca Burns, Politico, April 15, 2017, Is Georgia Poised for a Democratic Upset?

Eighteen candidates qualified, including five Democrats: Jon Ossoff, Ragin Edwards, Richard Keatley, Rebecca Quigg, and Ron Slotin. Because multiple Democrats contest this election, by state party rules LCDP can’t endorse any individual Democrat. So you can make calls on behalf of Democrats in general; that DPG web page will set you up.

Or you can read the news and pick your individual candidate to back. Here’s a list of all the candidates. Here’s more information on the candidates.

Whatever you do, do it today. The election is tomorrow.

And who knows? We may have a chance to do this soon in our own Eighth District.