Videos: We Want You! Candidate Recruitment & Volunteer Training Workshop @ LCDP 2016-02-01

Please come ready help Democrats running for office or to run yourself, to tomorrow’s LCDP monthly meeting, 6PM 7 March 2016, topic College Debt, at Mama June’s Restaurant, 3286 Inner Perimeter Road, Valdosta, GA (facebook event). It’s qualiftying week, so now’s the time to decide to run! Some of the open positions include: Lowndes County Board of Education (Districts 4,5,6,7), Lowndes County Commissioner (Chair, Districts 1, 5), Board of Assessors, County Surveyor, Coroner, Clerk of Courts (Probate), Clerk of Superior Court, Sheriff, Tax Commissioner, Solicitor, Georgia Senator (District 8), Georgia House Representative (Districts 174, 175, 176, 177), US Congress (Districts 1, 8). If you’re not motivated enough, try reading about the Lowndes County Commission 4 to 1 vote to sell an easement to Sabal Trail a year after the same commission voted unanimously they didn’t want that fracked methane pipeline in our county or our state.

Last month, potential and experienced candidates and volunteers talked about what it takes to run and to elect Democrats, at Lowndes County Democratic Party’s Candidate Recruitment & Volunteer Training Workshop, 1 February 2016, as you can see in these videos, including qualifying fees and fundraising, budgetting, spending, and picking three issues, and yes, the pipeline came up.

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About the Lowndes County Democratic Party

The Lowndes County Democratic Party:

  • promotes development of Party organization and activities
  • seeks and encourages qualified candidates for public office
  • supports Democratic nominees
  • performs such election functions as are required by law
  • maintains appropriate records, promotes and adds logistical support to the State Affirmative Action program
  • raises funds for the above purposes


Tom Hochschild, Chair
Lowndes County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 4198
Valdosta, GA 31604

Here’s a video playlist:

Videos: We Want You! Candidate Recruitment & Volunteer Training Workshop @ LCDP 2016-02-01
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP),
Tom Hochschild, Chair, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia.