Pictures of LCDP in Hahira 2015-04-20

Hahira restaurant El Carrisal had one long table packed and more people at another when the Lowndes County Democratic Party helped the local economy April 20th. Plus Hahira’s Mayor and police chief sat next to the window and discussed wastewater issues (Hahira has no current overflows).

Valdosta City Council Sandra Tooley was there. This was a Hahira community event, and several Republicans attended; we’re not saying who.

Thanks to LCDP Chair Tom Hochschild for running the meeting.

Thanks to Glenn Ritchie, LCDP Vice Chair for Membership, for calling people up to come to this meeting, and for reminding people to become LCDP members and to come to the BBQ.

Come join us 6PM July 7th at Mathis Auditorium with city candidates and Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Dubose Porter at the annual LCDP BBQ (local meat or vegetarian), plus live music by a local band. You can reserve now!