WCTV on Transportation Meeting @ LCDP 2015-05-04

WCTV covered tonight’s LCDP meeting without ever saying it was an LCDP meeting, but they did make clear it’s an issue of widespread concern.

Winnie Wright, WCTV, 4 May 2015, All Sides Weigh In At Public Transportation Meeting In Valdosta,

Valdosta, GA—Public transportation, or the lack-there-of, has been a hot-button issue in Valdosta for many years.

Back in 2009, the City Council voted against a public transportation proposal, however that, was during the height of the recession.

Now that things are back on track, residents say, they want a public bus system proposal back on the table.

“One of the problems with not having public transportation is that it geographically limits where people can get jobs”, says Tom Hochschild, with Lowndes County Democrats.

Hochschild says jobs are coming back to the Valdosta area, however the number of applicants is limited.

“If you don’t have reliable transportation, that means you can only get a job within walking or bicycle distance, and so that’s very limiting for a large number of people in our community”, he goes on to say.

But the main concern of many is money. Who will pay for a public transportation system and how much would it cost?

Corey Hull explains why the long-term ROI can outweigh such short-term concerns:

And the WCTV story recommends going to our Facebook Page for “Public Transportation in Valdosta, Lowndes Georgia”: https://www.facebook.com/PublicTransportationForValdosta

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