March to the Polls with Dexter Sharper 2014-10-26

Running unopposed for House District 177, Dexter Sharper is helping other Democratic candidates get elected by getting out the vote through a march to the polls on the new Sunday voting day, October 26th, that the Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP) got added to the voting calendar this year (only only second county in the state). And what about past and potential future precinct closings, even though LCDP prevented any from happening this year?

Patrick Davis wrote for the Examiner 20 October 2014, House District 177: Valdosta’s Dexter Sharper announces ‘March to the Polls’,

On Saturday, October 18, Valdosta’s Dexter Sharper, a state representative for Lowndes County, made a formal announcement in an effort to encourage voting— “March to the Polls”— which is scheduled for Sunday, October 26. In early September, Lowndes become only the second county in Georgia to approve Sunday voting.The ‘March to the Polls’ will commence at Valdosta Middle School’s parking Lot and will end at the Board of Elections.

The story continues about the previous precinct closures by the Board of Elections, including a worry by Valdosta City Council District 1 Sandra Tooley about potential future attempts to close the Mildred Hunter precinct. It doesn’t mention that closing that precinct was prevented this year by Dr. Dennis Marks, Bikram Mohanty (running for Georgia Senate District 8) and others from the Lowndes County Democratic Party objecting to the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections listened, and Elections Supervisor Deb Cox went to the Lowndes County Commission for funding and got it from the county’s discretionary budget. But, as Sandra Tooley points out, what about next year? Will the Board of Elections ask for enough funding in the annual county budget unlike this past March?