Rosalynn Carter wants you to vote

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter did something she’s never done before so she could come encourage you to vote: she left a Habitat build early to come speak at the Lowndes County Courthouse last Thursday. Now you can vote for Jason Carter for Governor and the rest of the Democratic slate starting Monday October 13th.

Joe Adgie wrote for the VDT 10 October 2014, Former first lady returns,

300x351 Page1-2, in Former First Lady Returns, by Joe Adgie, for, 9 October 2014 Carter has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week, participating in the 31st Annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, an annual week-long home building project organized by Habitat for Humanity, a project that has occurred in a wide variety of locations around the world since 1986, such as Chicago, India, the Philippines, New York, Watts in Los Angeles, and Valdosta.

For the first time ever, the former first lady left the project early, so she could campaign for Jason.

“I left because I wanted to come home and campaign for Jason,” Carter said. “I was not comfortable being in Texas when I could have been in Georgia in the campaign.”

Jason Carter headlined the Lowndes County Democratic Party BBQ 1 July 2014, saying,

I’ll be the governor of Georgia, not just Atlanta.

When she spoke at the Lowndes County Courthouse Thursday, his grandmother continued on that point:

Carter said that if her grandson was elected, he would be the first governor to have ties to the southwestern part of the state since her husband, Jimmy Carter.

“He cares about Georgia and all of rural Georgia, which he says the governor has ignored, and I agree with him,” the former first lady said. “South Georgia is losing clout and Jason is a champion for us in Atlanta. He’s worked very hard in the state Senate for middle-class families, improving the economy for them, and for education, his main subject.”

She also mentioned the closure of rural hospitals, which Jason Carter would not have allowed to happen, because he would have accepted federal Medicare funding. As you know, the Lowndes County Democratic Committee advocates for health care.

Jason Carter’s campaign is aware that among incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal’s many scandals, Deal’s campaign took $10,000 from Spectra Energy, which wants to build the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline through south Georgia. Deal’s campaign also accepted contributions from three other pipeline companies, adding up to at least $21,300. The Lowndes County Democratic Party opposes that pipeline. Jason Carter’s campaign accepted no dollars ($0) from any of those companies. As LCDP’s Laverne Gaskins reminded us when she introduced him in Lowndes County, and as his campaign website says, State Senator Jason Carter “has twice received Environmental Leadership awards from Georgia Conservation Voters”.

Here are three facebook albums of the Rosalynn Carter speaking Thursday (no facebook login required):

She came to remind you: go vote!