Turnout wins elections: time to vote

Turnout is at 4% so far, with the other party voting twice as many in early voting. Call your friends. Contact Gretchen; she’ll get you a call list. Contact a candidate; they’ll get you a walklist. Local elections affect you directly: water, sewer, trash, roads, education, taxes, and laws. It’s time to get people out and vote!

As Dexter Sharper (D 177 GA House) says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Get out to VOTE this week from 7am-7pm for EARLY VOTING at 2808 Oak Street! This is a VERY Important Primary Election……..The Last day to vote in the Primary Election is MAY 20th! PLEASE PEOPLE!! Don’t be a person that only vote during the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION…..People DIED for us to VOTE in ALL Elections!

If Democrats turn out and vote for LCDP Chair Gretchen Quarterman in the nonpartisan Special Election for Lowndes County Commission District 5, she wins on May 20th, and she’ll have a chance to turn our county government transparent and help bring jobs with stewardship of our resources.

Today and tomorrow early voting continues at the Board of Elections, 2808 North Oak Street, Valdosta. Election Day is Tuesday May 20th at your polling place. You can get a sample ballot from the Georgia Secretary of State.

The U.S. Senate Primary is also May 20th, between Steen Miles, Michelle Nunn, Branko Radulovacki (Dr. Rad), and Todd Robinson. All of them (except Michelle Nunn) have spoken at LCDP meetings.

There are primaries for Secretary of State (Gerald B. Beckum and Doreen Carter), for Commissioner of Insurance (Keigh G. Heard and Elizabeth N. “Liz” Johnson) , and for State School Superintendent (Tarnisha L. Dent, Marion Spencer “Denise” Fereman, Jurita Forehand Mays, Alisha Thomas Morgan, R. “Rita” Robinzine, and Valarie D. Wilson). Most of them have spoken at LCDP meetings.

Plus you get to vote for Bikram K. Mohanty for Georgia State Senator District 8, and Jason Carter for Democratic candidate for Governor, among noncontested Democratic Primary races.

There are six non-binding Democratic questions on the Democratic Primary ballot, including two submitted by LCDP: about labelling GMO foods and local government transparency. Your vote will help make those things happen.

The nonpartisan Lowndes County School Board elections are May 20th. That board spends more than the rest of the county government and affects the future of everyone. Most of the School Board candidates have spoken at an LCDP meeting.

Don’t forget the judges, including the hotly contested nonpartisan race for Superior Court of the Southern Judicial Circuit.

In early voting twice as many of the other party have voted as have Democrats. According to the Lowndes County Board of Elections, 308 people voted yesterday 14 May 2014, for a total of 2,403 in early voting as of last night. That’s about 4% of the 61,000 registered voters, or 6% of the 40,000 active voters. About 21,000 voters are inactive, which only means they’re registered but haven’t voted in recent elections. Get those inactive voters out there and we win. Help get your Democratic friends, neighbors, and county voters to the polls!