Non binding Democratic Questions – May 20th 2014

Local government transparency, GMO labeling, education, ethics, Medicaid, and minimum wage: you can vote (nonbinding) on all these things May 20th 2014 in the Democratic primary.

Both statewide and Lowndes County nonbinding questions will be on the primary ballot May 20th, so remember to turn out and vote in the primary. Everyone in Lowndes County who takes a Democratic primary ballot can vote on these questions. That’s the same date as the special election for Lowndes County Commission District 5, so be sure to vote for that, too, either in your precinct on May 20th (you can find your polling place online through Georgia Secretary of State’s My Voter Page) or at the Board of Elections in early voting April 28 – May 16.

State Wide:

These statewide questions were submitted by Democratic state legislators to the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), which put them on the ballot.

  1. Should Georgia raise the state minimum wage above the current $5.15 an hour?
  2. Should Georgians’ federal tax dollars be returned to Georgia to fund Medicaid expansion and relieve the indigent care burden on our hospitals?
  3. Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended to create an independent ethics commission, not tied to the Governor’s office, legislature, or other elected office, to more effectively police potential ethics violations by elected officials?
  4. Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended to make the education budget Georgia’s first funding priority?

Lowndes County:

The Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP) put these two questions on the primary ballot in Lowndes County. The other local party was invited to do the same, but never said they would.

  1. In light of the controversy surrounding the safety of genetically modified foods, and the residual effect of herbicides used on these plant organisms, would you favor the labeling of GMO foods?
  2. So that citizens can be informed, do you think local governments should publish their meeting packets on the Internet before city council and county commission meetings?