Lowndes County Democratic Committee Advocates for Health


Valdosta, March 5, 2014 —

Lowndes County Democratic Party leadership voted Saturday to oppose
a bad Georgia health care bill, to provide support for local health
care navigation, and appointed a subcommittee to follow up on health
care issues.

To advocate for people who need health care coverage, the Lowndes
County Democratic Committee voted to establish a five member health
care subcommittee, chaired by Tina Matchett, the committee is to
address navigating health care open enrollment issues through the
end of March, when open enrollment for 2014 will end, to answer
questions about using new health care insurance coverage.

The Committee voted to oppose a bill that would move responsibility
for accepting federal health care funds from the governor’s office
to the legislature, making it harder to get those funds accepted,
especially if a Democratic governor is elected this year. The bill
is GA HB 990, entitled “Social services; expansion of Medicaid
eligibility through increase in income threshold without prior
legislative approval.” Georgia Democrats believe access to quality,
affordable healthcare is a basic, human right. Making access to
Medicaid more difficult for the poorest Georgians is not in the
best interest of Georgia’s citizens, nor her economy.

The Committee urges citizens to contact their representatives about
GA HB 990 bills and ask them to vote “no”.

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Gretchen Quarterman
Chair LCDP

Tina Matchett
Chair – LCDP Healthcare Subcommittee