Lowndes County Democratic Committee Opposes Sabal Trail Methane Pipeline



Valdosta, March 3, 2014 –The Lowndes County Democratic Committee
voted Saturday to oppose the Sabal Trail Methane Pipeline slated
to run through Lowndes County.

Georgia Democrats believe we have a moral obligation to leave our
children and grandchildren with an earth as safe, beautiful, and
majestic as the one bequeathed to us by our parents and grandparents.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is proposed to move Liquid Natural Gas
(LNG) from fracking sites to Florida. Fracking is a known polluting
technique, leaving behind undrinkable water and unusable earth.
Florida is the Sunshine State and could generate any needed electricity
from less expensive and more environmentally friendly renewable
sources of solar and wind.

Georgia Democrats believe in and uphold every citizen’s right to
equal and impartial justice under the law.

The taking of privately owned property by a private company is a
property rights issue. Putting corporations above citizens is not
equal, nor is it impartial. Lowndes County property owners have a
right to say who can and cannot use their property and a LNG pipeline
that benefits no Georgians is a property rights violation.

Existing pipelines have a history of failures from poor monitoring
and maintenance which have resulted in explosions, fires and deaths.
The safety of Lowndes County citizens should be a top priority of
our local and state governments.

The Committee urges citizens to attend the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 4th at 6:00pm at the Holiday
Inn at 1805 West Hill Avenue Valdosta, GA 31601 and express their
opposition to this pipeline.

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organization and activities, seeks and encourages qualified candidates
for public office, supports Democratic nominees, performs such
election functions as are required by law, maintains appropriate
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Action program, and raises funds for the above purposes.



Gretchen Quarterman
Chair – LCDP

Jim Parker
Treasurer – LCDP