Lowndes County Democratic Committee Votes to Support Solar Bill



Valdosta, March 2, 2014 —

Local Democratic Party leadership voted Saturday to support a Georgia
solar financing bill.

The Lowndes County Democratic leadership voted to advocate for the
bipartisan distributed rooftop solar financing bill, HB 874, the
Solar Power Free-Market Financing and Property Rights Act of 2014.

Georgia Democrats believe we have a moral obligation to leave our
children and grandchildren with an earth as safe, beautiful, and
majestic as the one bequeathed to us by our parents and grandparents.

Affordable access to solar power increases Georgia’s energy
independence and produces no additional potential air or fossil
fuel pollutants, while it lowers our electric bills and brings
jobs right here where we need them. HB 874 is on the agenda for
the Georgia House Energy Subcommittee Monday.

The Committee urges citizens to contact their state representatives
about Georgia HB 874 and ask them to vote in support.

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lowndesdems (at) gmail.com

Gretchen Quarterman
Chair – LCDP

Dr. Dennis Marks
Vice-Chair Elections